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Up to the Sky

Puppet design, Build & Performance

Music and puppetry collaboration. Music by Sarah Alden, Kyle Sanna. Puppetry with Karen Zasloff, Work in Progress, Presented at NACL, Summer 2017

Faust 3

Spring Tour Company Puppeteer

Bread & Puppet Puppet Theater, (six weeks) Spring 2017

Momo The Time Titan

Production Design, Build & Puppeteer

Collaboration with Nathaniel Williams and Nao Kobayashi. Directed by Jon Mcmanus.

Free Columbia Puppet Theater, Summer 2016

The Digger


Inkfish at LA MAMMA, Spring 2016

The Pact

Puppet Build & Puppeteer

By Aaron Haskell

Labapalooza Puppet Lab at St. Ann's Warehouse, Winter 2016

Sisters Follies

Puppet Build Intern

Under instruction of Basil Twist and Jessica Scott

Abrons’ Playhouse Centennial, Fall 2015

Animated Pangea

Guest Rod Puppeteer

Sweet Fern Productions

Puppet Film Published on NYTimes,  Winter 2015

The Peace Maker

Puppet Design, Build & Puppeteer

Directed by Nathaniel Williams

Free Columbia Puppet Theater, Spring  2014

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